Asakusa, the heart of old downtown Tokyo, is where The early Japanese merchants originally settled. 
Notice the art work on the black building. We believe the gold "flame" was designed to signify eternal hope and happiness.

Thanks to Gregg Tavares who emailed us, we have more details on this unusual sculpture. The big golden flame on top of the building is called by nearly everybody in Tokyo "kin no unchi" or "kin no unko." The first is more common and would be translated as "Gold Poo." The second probably more like "Gold Turd!"

From Asakusa-Sumidagawa port of Tokyo, we took a ferry boat back to Tokyo Bay.  During the 40 minute ride on the Sumida River,  we passed many famous bridges and the fort of Daiba. The fort of Diaba is an artificial isle constructed in 1853 as a cannon battery to protect old Tokyo. The boat ride was very relaxing and allowed us to view Tokyo from a different perspective.
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Day turns into evening as boats move along the river.

Map of Cruise Route (LARGE image 215 kb)

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